The professionals at G&M Automotive  take care of our vehicles like their own, always doing a thorough inspection, and making great recommendations.”
Robert Reyes,
Bryce Parker Co.
Temple City, CA



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Company Information

G&M Automotive in Monrovia

It has been three decades since G&M Automotive Import Service was founded on West Foothill Blvd in Monrovia. Our family business started with plenty of love for what we did, and with great hope for the future. Since that time, we have been open five days a week in order to serve our customers to the best of our ability. Each one is highly valuable to us, and we insist on treating each one fairly and with respect.

What We Believe In

To start, we believe in saving you money. Our technicians are well qualified to handle the most complex auto repairs, but that doesn’t stop them from doing everything possible to save you money while you own your vehicle. We make this possible by offering regular maintenance services that can help you prevent costly repairs in the future.

Our technicians would much rather see you coming in for maintenance services every six months, rather than being pulled in by a tow truck every couple of years.

Maintenance vs. Repair

Like any family owned business that has endured for decades, G&M Automotive truly loves its customers. Our entire team wants the best for your vehicle, and proper maintenance is the way to achieve it. Unlike repairs, which are unexpected, inconvenient and costly, maintenance is schedulable, convenient and affordable. And, just like a well-kept home has more resale value, a well-maintained car enjoys a better resale value as well.

Maintaining your vehicle regularly extends its life and opens up more choices for you, the owner. Rather than worrying about trade-in value, you can feel good knowing that trading in your maintained car will give you a substantial amount to put toward your next vehicle.

What our Full Service Menu Offers

G&M Automotive is a full service auto repair shop; as such, we can handle everything from oil changes to engine replacement. We believe in investing in our technicians, and provide them with the necessary training to become Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified; that way, they are equipped to do the job right the first time. We are a AAA approved and certified repair facility with a 100 percent customer satisfaction evaluation!

Our One-Year Warranty!

Other shops have a repair warranty that is short and limited, lasting only a few months or less. G&M Automotive in Monrovia offers the exact opposite: Our Peace of Mind repair warranty is valid for one year, or 12,000 miles for most repairs and services. AAA customers receive a warranty of two years or 24,000 miles for most repairs and services.

To explain your automotive maintenance and repair needs, contact us today! We look forward to speaking with you about your vehicle’s unique needs.