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This is a question that most car owners have. Each car is different and depending on how good its condition it may require more frequent oil checks. Engine oil is an important part of the good functioning car and checking the engine oil at least once a week is recommended.

To check your oil level we suggest the following steps.

1. Open your care hood when engine is cold. Usually before leaving for the day early in the morning.

2. Locate the oil dipstick and pull it out. There is no need to force it.

3. Wipe the dip stick clean and put it back into its proper location.

4. There should be two marks on the dipstick which indicate minimum & maximum. The oil level needs to be around the maximum mark.

If your oil level is low every time you check and are always topping off we recommend diving by our shop for a checkup.

Always make sure to check your oil level before long journeys, and always get a oil change at G&M automotive when you reached the required milage.

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