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All about fluid flushes

Fluid Flushes and Their Importance


G & M Automotive Import Service has over 30 years of experience when it comes to fluid flushes and car maintenance. We understand how important it is to perform regular fluid checks and inspections. We are able to ensure that your fluid levels are adequate, so that you don’t end up with expensive car repairs that could be prevented by simply checking your fluids. Fluids are extremely important for your vehicle to function correctly. They act as a lubricant, and they allow your vehicle to function at peak levels. Without oil, water, transmission fluid, and other vital fluids, your car would not run. Whether you need general automotive fluid flushes, oil changes, power steering fluid checks, brake fluid checks, transmission fluid checks, or any other type of fluid flushes or checks, we are able to meet your needs.

Why Choose G & M?

Our maintenance techs at G & M Automotive Import Service have an extensive amount of training, to service all types of vehicles on the market. We are up to date with the latest automotive technology in the industry, and we always ensure that our customers receive the high quality repairs that they need and deserve. When you need automatic transmission fluid flushing or checks, we are your go to source. Our California repair company goes the extra mile to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the repairs that we perform. Whether you need a car fluid flush, a set of new tires, or any other type of car repair, you can place your trust in the best with G&M.

What We Can Offer

  •  Transmission Fluid Checks
  •  Brake Fluid Checks
  •  Power Steering Checks
  •  Fuel Flushing
  •  Fuel Checks
  •  Other Types of Car Repairs
  •  Excellent Customer Service

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Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your fluids checked, or to get any further assistance that you may need. We will be pleased to help in any way that we possibly can.