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Monrovia BMW auto repair, Monrovia BMW auto service


Thank you for considering our auto repair shop for your BMW auto repair and auto service in Monrovia. When it comes to BMW repair, there is no shortage of choices; however, certified experts are the natural choice for all of Southern California.

Expert BMW Auto Repair Service in Monrovia, CA

Why is that? At G&M Automotive Import Service, we have ensured that our entire technical team is Automotive Service Excellence certified. Becoming ASE certified means that a technician has undergone stringent training to perform specialized services on vehicles, including European imports. Their experience, skills and training are what qualify G&M Automotive Import Service to be your full service BMW auto repair company in Monrovia.

For Monrovia, CA residents who are in need of auto repair for their BMW, we offer the following services:

  • Monrovia BMW Repair - Computer diagnosis
  • BMW Check engine light trouble codes diagnosis
  • BMW Electrical diagnosis and repair
  • BMW Engine diagnosis, repairs, overhauls and replacements
  • BMW Timing belt replacements
  • BMW Air conditioning repairs / service
  • BMW Brakes and ABS system repairs
  • BMW Suspension repairs
  • BMW Muffler and emissions repairs
  • BMW Batteries /Service
  • BMW Tires / Replacement
  • BMW Transmission service, repairs and replacements
  • BMW CV joints and boots
  • BMW Fuel Injector Repair
  • BMW Computer systems
  • BMW Clutch replacement and adjustments
  • BMW Belts, pulleys, tensioners replacement
  • BMW Hose replacement
  • BMW Scheduled Due Maintenance Service - 30K/60K/90K/120K

Any many more! If your BMW has a problem that is not listed here, just ask if we can help!

G&M Automotive Import Service performs auto repair and service on all types of European import vehicles, including Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper and Land Rover. To inquire about service for your BMW or other imported automobile, contact us today!